Unlocking Healthcare
Administration Excellence

MSO International provides health funding and medical assistance solutions to health insurers, travel insurers and corporates across the whole of Africa. Our services extend globally for travellers from Africa to other parts of the world.

MSO International Services

Third Party
Administration (TPA)

Administration of health insurance plans and self-insured plans across the whole of Africa.


Assisting travellers with unforeseen medical issues through access to appropriate care anywhere in the world through our travel for treatment service.


Provision of a full suite of health services to multinational African corporates, including health insurance, on-site clinics, occupational & primary healthcare, emergency medicine, top-side support, employee assistance programmes and medical assistance.

Travel for

End-to-end support for African residents who need to travel internationally for specialised treatment which is not available in their home country.

Members Managed Across Africa
Health Insurance Clients on TPA Across Africa
Healthcare Providers Across 51 African Countries

Building a Stronger Health Ecosystem:
The Synergy Between MSO International and Discovery Health

Discovery Health is the largest health insurance administrator in South Africa, currently administering almost 3.5 million beneficiaries on behalf of 19 medical scheme clients. Discovery Health arguably has one of the world’s most advanced administration and servicing platforms, dealing with every aspect of scheme management and these capabilities are leveraged to create an integrated health and wellness solution.

In January 2020 MSO International was acquired by Discovery Health, part of the Discovery Group and listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. Together, MSO International and Discovery Health are providing clients with a comprehensive suite of health services to support their objectives across multiple countries in Africa.